Okay Bloggers…
Didn’t want the “endless blog” so I thought I would leave a little cliffhanger for the last blog…
Every now and then a sequel is better anyway, right? Well, that’s the theory anyway…oh well I guess it worked for Shrek and from the previews I saw..it just might work with the Incredible Hulk too..(btw, I think Edward Norton is a great choice…going toward a more original Bill Bixby feel)
I digress….a lot.
At any rate, where was I?
Ah, yes……I installed Debian Linux on my machine..which is a simple little Intel Celeron with just a mere 256 RAM.
Which is no longer quite so simple!…Before I accepted the nature of my box’s lack of ability to play “with the big dogs”….Now, with Linux..my computer IS a big dog…and it runs damn fast!!!
I have even already made critical newbie mistakes that have totally crashed Linux but it’s okay I just pop the disk back in and reboot and it’s all good once more!! (of course I have my important data on disks)

Every time I do something stupid, I just learn more and there are great forums out there for help for even the greenest Linux newb, like me! I have especially found that Ubuntu Linux has an extremely well thought out, well organized forum that so far has been of the most assistance while still keeping it “newbie real” although of course for Debian specific issues I go to their help forum…for right now, just learning my way around has been a crazy rollercoaster ride of “what’s this button do?” and “aw hell” and “wow!! my windows could never have done that!!!” all the way to “that is toooootally bad@ss!!!”So, what then do I have to say about my Linux experience thus far??


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