The Unfortunate Thing about Windows

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Generally Speaking..

Hello Bloggers…
Usually I go on and on about racing but I have had some major computer troubles and woes in the last two weeks that have caused me to miss a couple of races..Notice how Tony Stewart was wrecked and whatnot else while I was otherwise occupied…it’s all Microsoft’s fault..
My Windows decided to just..die.
Not a pretty death either, but a flaming, writhing on the ground-screaming in agony kind of death that would make Dr. Kevorkians of us all… I had been contemplating for a while how much I thought Windows blows..(aka Windblows) so I had gotten a copy of GNU/Linux…but like every other wanna be techie out there I had some MAJOR misgivings about actually running it. Well, that came to an abrupt end…along with Windblows<—-which nearly took my hard drive with it!
So, since I wasn’t the original purchaser of my computer (I got it from the fine folks at Aarons) I couldn’t get another copy…
That is just one of the many Unfortunate Things about Windblows….one copy per computer that, just to be fascist, you have to download a verification key just to get updates to their lousy, bug-ridden, constantly freezing and crashing software.
And while I am thinking about it, I couldn’t even change the owner information on my computer…the whole time I had Windblows, my account was registered to Aarons!!! Yes, I know there is a fix..too bad it didn’t work, much like Windblows.
Needless to say, after a lot (A LOT) of researching and endless reading for newbs..I decided to go with Debian Linux…I would have went with Ubuntu but I didn’t have what it takes in the RAM department.
So now I have Debian GNU/Linux………………………………………
and that is the whole reason that Microsux made me miss two races!!!!


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