Okay Bloggers I understand I might have committed a cliff-hanging no-no…I left it a bit too long!! lol…it wasn’t intentional, to be sure…I merely meant to divvy up the blog posts in order to not have one gargantuan post (because I can digress like nobody’s business) and I went and did something I wondered briefly if I might do…forget to post the rest!
Okay, so for the rest of the Windows to Linux saga!
First of all….I have the memory capacity of a fruitfly..I can’t remember commands for the command terminal to save my life…so I must say..the Help feature in the Gnome desktop is an absolute LIFE SAVER!
At first it was hard for me to figure out how to download programs (or packages as they are referred to in GNU/Linux land) but I finally realized that the “stuff” that packages are made of tend to already be listed or lurking somewhere, so that mostly it’s just a matter of selecting the package and installing it…Aptitude and Synaptic Package Handler are great for doing this…
Now, on a farrrrrrrr less technical bent LOL…some of the things I really enjoy about my Gnome desktop…
First, at the bottom of the screen is one of those application bars that one just can’t get away from no matter what OS you use..lol…or so I thought…you should have seen the look on my face when i clicked on the edge of the bar and the whole thing rolled up into nothing! that was awwwwwesome!!!!!
I love the “drawer” feature..just what it sounds like..a little icon of a drawer and you can put whatever applications (programs) you want in it and they are nice and neatly tucked away but in plain sight at the same time!!
Oh!! Did I mention I have like 5 web browsers???? LOL
And since I am still figuring my way around the applications (programs) menu, how about instead I make my own? that’s right i can do that too!!!!
Awww darn it, I just had an application freeze…that’s okay, force quit shuts it down RIGHT NOW, not in 10 minutes, but NOW! lol
How about visual bliss? Want to change the desktop? Right click on it..a whole list of desktop backgrounds comes up..pick your pleasure!..want one of your own? just click add wallpaper, it will open the file for you!…or how about no desktop..maybe you just want a certain color…no problem, just pick the one you want..out of Thousands!!!
Yeah, I am lovin this already, and I am still a hopeless newb!!!!


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