Getting Flashplayer for Opera 9.5 with Debian Linux

Posted: April 5, 2008 in Helpful Techie Things

This is basically a repeat of the blog I posted on my Opera page…It’s hard for us silly Linux newbs to know where to go for help so the more I reach with this the better…..

I intend to write a brief tutorial for the “hopeless Linux newb” like me! This blog might make it a bit easier for other newbs like me who are hopeless at using command lines (for now) to get Linux, Opera and Flashplayer to hold hands and play nice together..Anyone else who decided a beta version of Opera was way better than no Opera at all can benefit from this..unless of course you are a guru, in which case…don’t rub it in! lol..okay fellow newbs, follow me……

First, you will need your flavor of Linux..I have downloaded a few now and I like my first choice, using Epiphany browser (nice little browser, just not Opera lol) I downloaded Opera 9.5 beta to my desktop and installed it with my .deb package Installer (I love you Debian, seriously)

(Sidebar: So why not 9.2x? because somewhere–don’t remember which page–on Adobe it says specifically that the new version of Flash will not work with any other version below 9.5..I tried and failed so maybe they were right or maybe I am just too lame to figure it out lol)

There are other flavors (distros) of Linux that you can get Opera for, for those you will have to see the installation instructions for those (sorry I really am a hopeless newb) but I assume that the distros that are Debian based will have a similar way to install them..if not, and you can actually run a command line successfully then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this step.

So now, off we go to Adobe for the Flashplayer newest version download….this package is in the form of either an .rpm, .tgz or yum…i believe it is personal preference which one you go with (i have heard rpm files are easiest to install but like I can’t say enough, I am command line helpless and I couldn’t run the thing with the instructions in front of my face lol)..At any rate I believe I ended up with the tarball (tgz) file on my desktop..and it wanted to go (by default) to /myhomefiles/.mozilla/plugins..which I am pretty sure it is supposed to split up and go into the /usr and /lib places or something (I am so hopeless lol) but like I said I couldn’t manage it so I did it my way..

Now, to get the flashplayer to be used by Opera as well as Firefox (or whatever Mozilla equivalent app)…Open up Opera (woot! almost there!) and click on the Tools menu in the top toolbar…go down to preferences (click) and click the advanced tab..4th option down is on that and you will see a screen that talks about java and on Plugin Options..For thoroughness, I clicked on Find New (plugins) and got nothing of the bottom it says plug-in path and lists the path of the plugin that Opera is looking at..You want to change this path so that Opera will look for the Flashplayer in the exact location that you put it (otherwise it won’t find idea why)
Now the little box that just popped up will say plugin path..and it lists the paths that Opera is looking on the option add at the right..then in the plug in path text box..type the exact path of where you stuck the plugin..(again mine is /home/myfiles/.mozilla/plugins because I couldn’t figure out the command line lol) but if you put yours in the actual right place i believe it should be something like /user/lib/mozilla or firefox etc obviously not a real path but you get the idea i hope..(if not just ask) then you will need to type /user/ the plug in path text box…
the point is that whatever you put in that text box is exactly where Opera will look for flashplayer…then click all the ok, ok, ok etc lol and close out Opera…then restart…go to a page that uses flash..I test mine with Pandora radio ( or my Myspace Page (…if the pandora radio starts or you can play music on myspace you have done this correctly…if you get a big blank square, white or black…go back and repeat these steps…
I hope this helps..fellow hopeless Linux newbs, don’t despair..I figured out something time, more will come!!


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