Couple of things relating to the AWN dock and its icons

Posted: May 25, 2008 in Helpful Techie Things
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First of all, I just want to say, congrats to whoever came up with the dock idea; it is totally great!  No more ugly panels!!  (Unless you like ugly panels, then it isn’t you who will use it anyway lol)  This little mini-guide is for new users of AWN dock who, like me, do not have the applets on repository (why, I have no idea and it makes little sense).  I am using Linux Mint, which I adore, and I stumbled across a screenshot of the dock and I was in luuuuuv lol.  Turns out, I have the dock itself and the user interface (the AWN manager) on repository so I installed them.  Later I tried to install the AWN-core-applets application from the compressed tarball but for some reason I had some strange error upon my attempt at /.config….I even tried converting it into a .deb package but that didn’t work either.  So, mainly my problem was that I couldn’t put a couple of icons that I really wanted into the dock.

Since then, I have learned a small bit lol…In order to put icons on the dock, you must drag and drop the icons from the menu down to the dock.  Easy enough but not always successful, again, reason unknown…The other alternative to this is to navigate to /usr/share/applications and drag the icon of the application you wish to use down to the dock..This does work!  However, one task I was not successful at was putting the icons for the menu itself, the time, force quit (essential!) and volume on the dock…I haven’t actually tried and I do assume that there is a solution that involves navigating around until I find said icons but I do not know where they are all located…If I ever get a spare moment or ten, I will try and find out and edit this post for the benefit of others even more newb than I lol….In the meantime, enjoy the dock!

Featuring the AWN dock with a Minty theme

Featuring the AWN dock with a Minty theme

This screenshot is of my desktop with “metal mint” wallpaper and the AWN dock with an installed “minty green” theme (the default color is black I think)  In various places like deviantart I found new icons for Opera, Audacious, Pidgin and a gorgeous set for Firefox (I’m using the one with the normal colors but there is a blue one and a black one too…hmm I suppose I might want to explain how to change icons lol)

Okay Part 2! lol  How To Change The Icons In the Dock

Say you don’t like one of the handy-dandy icons for one of your applications you have sitting in the beautiful new dock…Understandable, after all, who wants to go through that trouble of setting up the beautiful dock just to crap it up with some uggo icons?  My particular case in point?  Audacious…yeah, you guys know, Audacious has some major issues with that yak-ugly icon…it’s a shame too, because Audacious is an awesome little player!  Okay, I digress…So after a nearly fruitless search, I only found one person who was making icons for it, so I downloaded the file…I made a new file in my homefolder entitled  Desktop Icons (because I am so darn creative..actually I am but I also tend to forget my own creative ideas, which could lead to chaos…) and so then I just downloaded the new Audacious icon file (was it a tar.gz?  I think so..) anyhooo, I believe I got it from

So then after I downloaded it, I just went ahead and navigated to the tar.gz file (where I put it in Desktop Icons) and extracted it right there.  Then go to the dock and right click on the icon you wish to rid yourself of.  Select change icon (NOT remove icon lol) and it will open Nautilus..navigate to your spiffy new icon folder (i.e. Desktop Icons) and click on the folder of the file you extracted (not the tar.gz one but the one with just the folder name) and inside you can choose the shiny new icon you want (click on it) and it will magically change right before your astounded eyes…and there you have it…So much easier than you thought, right?

  1. That was helpful! Was surfing for a pretty long time trying to find out how to change the icons for awn dock. finally got the answer i was searching for. Thank you so much!

  2. Pariah says:

    You are very welcome. I don’t know if you are new to Linux but try visiting my websites for more information. I’ve put them together just for the purpose of helping people who are new to Linux.

  3. Dominic says:

    Ok, can you fix this for me? I have just switched on offlline gmail, and I love it. when I tried to add the desktop icon to AWN, but it would not let me. so I went to the AWN preferences, added a new launcher form there, and then made it just launch the link that the Desktop icon pointed to. lovely…only that the icon is that horrid default white square with 2 gears in the middle. so like you I downloaded a “spiffy” new one and add it as you did, and the results are the same as yours. Next. when I shut AWN down and then restart it, it reverts to the horrid default again. Any ideas how to make it keep the new icon?

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