Please help!

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Something's Just Not Right, Here..

I am still somewhat of a Linux newb…I first converted to Linux in March, so I have plenty to learn..

I am appealing to Linuxers everywhere fro help with the issue I am currently having.  It used to be that after quite some time being powered on and doing my “thang” online or whatnot, the fan would kick in to cool it down…fine…but nowadays, it seems to be running faster (or just louder?) and it starts up less than 5 minutes after powering up…What kind of issue am I looking at here?

Pentium Intel Celeron Desktop (ugh i know) with 768MB RAM and an 80GB HD. I am using AT&T DSL High Speed Internet which has a Motorola modem. Installed is Linux Mint 4 (Daryna).

At any rate, I appeal to you for help, oh great and glorious WordPress community..any advice is welcome!

  1. Graham says:

    Your fan isn’t running faster, and that’s not what’s creating more noise. Dust often collects on cooling fans, shrouds, heat sinks, and air inlets and outlets. This dust tends to retain heat, rather than dissipate it as those components were designed to do. This would cause your machine to heat up quicker, and your fan to turn on quicker. Dust caked onto your cooling fan and heat sink often causes more noise – it’s not uncommon for the blades to actually be ‘touching’ the shroud or the heat sink because of the dust.

    Try opening up your case and giving those parts a good cleaning.

    I’m not saying you’re dirty – it’s just a computer thing.


  2. Pariah says:

    Well actually, my fan runs at two was switching from it’s usual low speed to it’s higher speed.
    I am familiar with the downside of dust…I mean don’t think I hadn’t already thought of that right?

  3. Graham says:

    Pffft…. no wonder you’re single.

  4. Pariah says:

    Well, duh..who wants to be with someone who insults your intelligence, while being completely stupid himself??

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