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I have been through some unfortunate times lately; I find myself retreating more and more to the online world as my health deteriorated. I can tell you that I have met some truly amazing people, especially in the world of Linux.
The Linux community has embraced this newb so completely and thoroughly that it seems like I have been using Linux for years, rather than just a few months.
Even better that, as I have learned and studied, screwed up and studied some more that I feel I have been “vindicated” in the Linux community as someone who halfway knows what they are talking about! That is a pretty amazing feeling.
So I would just like to take a moment to thank some people that have been very helpful and encouraging to me in the new experience I have undertaken.

1. Clement (Clem) Lefebvre-the creator of Linux Mint
2. The Art Team of Linux Mint
3. “Husse”, a Linux Mint admin
4. – this site has been amazingly helpful and the admins are very approachable
5. The Ubuntu Help Forums – I swear every Linux question you can imagine is in there!
6. Dieter Sneider at for the template on my website
7. My long time friend Mike L for his “now I get what you’ve been talking about all these years” discussions.
8. My amazing friend Grant, a fellow Opera user who generously promoted my new website and has given me more insight into Linux than he knows and has been so supportive of my foray into Linux-dom.
9. To “Wyzwyk”, another Opera user who drops by every so often to bounce ideas off of and has also been quite encouraging….
10. And last but not least, all of the people that I have somewhat ignored, so that I could get that darn site up and running!! lol
Seriously, thank all of you for your help, it means more than even my expansive vocabulary can possibly express!!!


I am pleased as can be to announce the launch of my very first ever website!  I really suck at website design so this took way too long to do and now I need a rest before I get back to the content lol..

Regardless, here it is…I hope it serves its purpose!  Suggestions welcome!

Linux Help For Beginners by Pariah