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Linux Mint 6, codenamed Felicia, is in the release candidate stage.  If there are major bugs to be found, there will be another release candidate but barring that, this means the Stable release will be out in as little as 2 weeks!!!  For us Minty fans, this is great news!  There are a few changes to be mentioned that Felicia is going to come with.

First, there is going to be a software manager, where one can access the Software Portal to get .mint files and now get them offline.  Scrolling through available packages will now be available.

mintUpload is getting the additional feature of now being able to use ftp with one’s own server. 

I believe Xfe, the open as root file manager is being replaced with Nautilus using a red background.  In addition, Nautilus will have tabbed browsing *drools*.

There will be a very basic parental control application.

As usual, can’t wait for the stable release so I can download and review it!!  (And most likely, install)

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Okay, seriously, what is up with these Windows Vista commercials??  Everyone I know says, “Gee, I wish I could go back to XP”  Of course, when Windows XP came out, everyone I knew was saying how much they hated XP…So I guess Microsoft is getting worse with every edition.  So, their solution?  According to the quite amusing Mac commercials, the Microsoft solution is to sink all their money into advertising and none whatsoever into the fixing of Windows Vista.  Now, while (of course) Windows advocates are “outraged” over these claims by Mac, the simple fact is that they may not be wrong.

For there, on the telly, many more times than I would like to see it..commercials about the “Mojave Experiment” where they show “real people” exclaiming their wonder and delight over the ability to make panoramic pictures.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  Microsoft is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to have people extoll the virtues of panoramic pictures???  Did the majority of these users know what panoramic meant before they tried out this super-great-awesome feature???  Seriously, trying to use panoramic picture making (which is likely available on an image manipulation program) to sell a joke of an operating system like Vista is tantamount to trying to sell cars by going on and on about how great the color is!!

For that matter, who are these people you see on the commercials saying how awesome Vista is for being able to make a panoramic picture??  I really, really hope that these people were just commenting on the panoramic pics themselves, not on Vista’s ability to come up with them.  If I was on that commercial I would sue.  But, in the sad chance that these people were really converted to Vista because of this one ability..think about this…How many times do you need to take a panoramic picture in your life??  10?  Maybe?  I mean, come on…if you are converting to an operating system that was thrown together by a bunch of 10 year olds on crack, then maybe you are just too stupid to own a computer.  Sometimes I wonder…panoramic pictures.  Ye Gods, what a waste of money that could better be spent on something productive, like making Vista not suck.

A real operating system is one that…well, OPERATES!!  I find it sad that Microsoft would try to appeal to people purely on aesthetics and not quality.  Those Mac commercials are on to something.  Face it, Windows Vista is like Computers for Dummies.  If you have computer knowledge, put it to good Linux, Mac, UNIX or BSD

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Someone needs to come up with a viable alternative to Adobe’s Flash Player, especially for Linux…Flash Player is soooooo buggy in Linux, it makes me want to shoot people in the face.  Repeatedly.  I have had nothing but problems with Flash Player ever since I have first used Linux.  I am hoping something else turns out to be the problem, like a graphics card or something.  I seriously hate Adobe Flash Player.  Hate..Strong word, entirely applicable!!!!!!

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