Linux Mint 6 is almost here!!

Posted: November 24, 2008 in OS Reviews
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Linux Mint 6, codenamed Felicia, is in the release candidate stage.  If there are major bugs to be found, there will be another release candidate but barring that, this means the Stable release will be out in as little as 2 weeks!!!  For us Minty fans, this is great news!  There are a few changes to be mentioned that Felicia is going to come with.

First, there is going to be a software manager, where one can access the Software Portal to get .mint files and now get them offline.  Scrolling through available packages will now be available.

mintUpload is getting the additional feature of now being able to use ftp with one’s own server. 

I believe Xfe, the open as root file manager is being replaced with Nautilus using a red background.  In addition, Nautilus will have tabbed browsing *drools*.

There will be a very basic parental control application.

As usual, can’t wait for the stable release so I can download and review it!!  (And most likely, install)

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  1. wyzwyk says:

    Happy Holidays Pariah,
    No, I’m not dead, but my computer was for a short time. Periodically I do something stupid and crash my system. I sometimes think I reformat more often then I do my laundry. Ah yes, it’s so nice to be back in the pseudo-real world of the internet, where you are a mere click click away from friends. How have you been? I have no doubt you are still every bit the acerbic firebrand you’ve always been, assiduously working to keep that sharp tongue honed to a razor’s edge, quick to lash out and cut to ribbons all dim-witted dullards who stumble upon this site. This is a new web site for you. You moved…..again! Oh hell, there are convicts on the lam that move less. LOL Seriously speaking, I hope this post finds you in good spirits and even better health.
    I too am looking forward to Linux Mint 6 (Felicia). Yes, it’s coming down the tracks. We should see either a final release or a second RC the second or third week in December. What a nice Christmas present from Clem and the gang. Double nice will be the review you will do. It sure beats the polyester red and green Rudolph tie I got last year. While this version doesn’t outwardly appear as feature rich to me as past versions the continued tweaking of the Mint Tools is always welcomed. The Linux Mint version of WUBI will also be pretty cool. It’s great as a way to expose newbies to a version of the OS that acts more like one that’s installed. Live CDs are ok, but have serious limitations, especially if you are trying to seriously woo someone away from another distro or M$ Windows. It’s not as if the latter needs a lot of wooing. There were some things that were initially scheduled for Linux Mint 6 release that were postponed until later. (Mint Menu resizing etc.) While that’s a bummer it’s only a small one. Perhaps the most worrisome issue in this release concerns Ubuntu’s Intrepid Ibex v. 8.10 , which didn’t receive the most glowing reviews. A number mentioned instability issues. Why should we be surprised at this in light of the fact you’re getting an operating system upgrade every six months. It’s serendipitous that Linux Mint 6 is late on release this time around, as it gives the developers at Ubuntu more time to iron out the wrinkles.
    I must go now as my new roommate is begging at my feet for attention. His name is Toby and he’s an 18 lb. love sponge disguised as a miniature schnauzer. Pariah, I wish only the best to you and those you love this holiday season.

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