Ubuntu 8.10 the Intrepid Ibex

Posted: December 7, 2008 in Generally Speaking..
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Today I tried out the live CD of Ubuntu 8.10, codenamed Intrepid Ibex.  I had meant to try this latest Ubuntu offering before, but I had made a live CD of it and had given it to someone to install on their computer and therefore did not get it back until the other day.  So here, then is my belated offering on a review of Ubuntu 8.10.

First of all, I had no trouble whatsoever with the Live CD boot.  Sometimes (and for several distros) I am unable to completely try out a distro and in some cases, unable to boot the live CD at all so it was nice that it started up very smoothly.  Upon booting, I was taken to a nice, simple and clean desktop featuring the new Intrepid Ibex.  It was a vast improvement over the Hardy Heron look, which was horrifying at best.  This latest desktop look was understated and classy and of course, I have always loved the brown that Ubuntu is famous for.  The usual themes are there including a new, dark theme that accented the brown quite nicely. 

All the usual applications were present such as OpenOffice, GIMP, Totem and Brasero.  Everything ran smoothly except for F-Spot, which freaked out and crashed, nearly freezing the Live CD with it.  I felt that there were very few applications and wondered at the reason for it.  A few of the games could surely have been sacrificed for the cause? 

My network connection was present without so much as a peep.

All in all, I didn’t see much difference between Hardy Heron and Intrepid Ibex, with the noted exception that Ibex seemed to me as a far more stable and efficient release.  All right, it was faster too.

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