Fedora 10 review

Posted: December 10, 2008 in OS Reviews
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Okay just the other day, I reviewed Ubuntu’s latest in their schedule, Intrepid Ibex, with what I considered mediocre results.  So this time, I decided to review a distro that I had never tried out before.  I popped in my Live CD of Fedora 10 and awaaaaay we go.

I said..awaaaaaay we go…..Away?….Hello?….Um, is this thing on? 
It took almost 10 minutes for the live CD to boot up.  ugh!  I have never waited that long on ANY distro I have ever tried on Live CD.  Okay I finally get to a beautiful blue splash screen with a big planet on it and stars and such..quite the thing for the amateur astronomer such as myself.  So then I wait for the desktop to load…..

And wait.

Still waiting.

Okay, seriously…almost 10 minutes for the desktop to load up.  Again, far longer than any other distro I have ever tried.  When it finally does, I (rather anti-climatically at this point) see a typical Gnome desktop.  The first thing I always do of course is check out the Main Menu to see what goodies are offered or missing.  I was not surprised to see Firefox as the web-browser but I was mildly surprised to Not see Thunderbird as the email client.  GIMP was there while OpenOffice was not.  There was a very simple GUI for Enhanced Desktop Effects, which once clicked..did nothing.  Big white screen. 

I did like the option of “about this computer” that Micro$ always had.  It accurately reflected the specs of my box.  The system monitor was also very remniscent of Windows and their Task Manager.  There was also an add/install programs <—programs?  uh..Linux here!  anyhoooo…I tried to view the list but I received an error and it claimed to not have fetched the repositories.  Hmm..

There was a feature called SELinux Manager Tool that confined processes to specific requirements and users.  I am unfamiliar with this per se, as I have not reviewed Fedora before but it seemed to me like some kind of “parental control” with perks?  Not sure, but it seemed very handy. (yes, I am aware that sounded completely uneducated).  Overall, I didn’t see a whole lot of difference between Fedora and Ubuntu  except that Fedora was vastly slower at…well, everything…

Then, pretty much the last straw was when I shut down my computer, it actually shut down with my optical drive open!!  That was a grrrr moment right there.  I know other people love this distro, but I wasn’t having it.  Sorry folks…

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  1. kpb says:

    I had the same problem with the Fedora 9 Live CD. It must be something with all the services starting up and running off CD. If you get it installed to the hard drive, it boots up pretty quick. My laptop boots to the login screen in about 1 minute.

    Great blog by the way!

  2. Pariah says:

    Hmm I certainly hope the good folks at Fedora know about this problem as it is definitely a factor in being reviewed. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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