Linux Mint 6

Posted: December 31, 2008 in OS Reviews
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I have been quite busy lately transferring my website to a new host, one that will actually be up and running most of the time!  (yeah, grrr is the word for those of you with similar experiences)  Additionally, I wanted a blog and website integrated, so I have transferred my Angelfire website to Weebly, a nice little beta host that has very promising features and so easy, a cavema…oh, I shouldn’t go there…

So, how about that Linux Mint 6?  The latest release of Clem and the gang is codenamed Felicia, a nice elegant name for a nice elegant OS.  Of course, I have a minty bias but on the whole I have just not found a better OS for my needs.  I am often far too busy doing insane things online (see above) that I don’t have time to manage my operating system as well.  I find that with Linux Mint (in general) I don’t have to take my focus away from my work in order to “figure stuff out.”

Again, with Felicia, the same standard has applied.  In this installation of Linux Mint, I have noticed (to my utter delight–I am doing a happy dance right now) that I am not having the usual Flash Player issues as I usually am.  As a matter of fact, when I first installed Mint 6, I downloaded Opera (<—seriously the best browser out there) and opened it up to discover the Flash Player worked right off the bat!  Ever since I had started with Linux, I had been having issues getting the flash to play with Opera nicely.  Then imagine my chagrin when I opened Firefox to discover the Flash Player was NOT working!! lol..after a while of failed attempts, I actually removed Firefox completely and then reinstalled it from the Software Portal.  That solved that problem so now I have a working Flash Player in all three of my browsers (I hear angels singing as I write this)

Another thing that makes me happy in Felicia is a configurable firewall application in the menu as well as mintNanny, a very basic “parental control” center that can block certain websites from being viewed by the kiddies.

The other really big change in this edition of Mint is the software manager.  Opening the software manager gives one access to the software portal, which is still present and also a place from which software can be downloaded and installed in the mint repos.  This is a great idea…in theory.  In actuality, the software manager takes just this side of forever to load the list (why I have no idea) so I don’t ever use it except to access the software portal.

On the upside, I have discovered, to my delight that Rhythmbox does not, in fact, suck.  For whatever reason, this version of Rhythmbox is working flawlessly as it never has on any version of Linux I have had.  I am now happy to recommend it as a useful application.

There are now separate icons for logging out and shutting down and when I shut down, wow, is that fast!  No more hangs, lags or drags on that score!  About 3 seconds is what I figure it took to shut down Mint.

Giver is a new app for fast and easy file sharing.

The Avant Window Navigator (also known as AWN and “that amazing dock thingie”) now comes out of the box with more trying to add the repo!  Good news for the “terminally challenged” such as myself.

All in all, this version of Linux Mint is yet another great distro that just keeps improving with age.

As a later edited note, I have noticed that as once again, I forgot and copied text from one browser and tried to paste it into another that it actually worked this this Mint’s doing?  If so, thank you a million times over!!

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  1. kpb says:

    I really like your reviews, keep up the good work.
    When is the next one? What OS?

  2. Pariah says:

    Ah, nice to have a fan! The next OS review should either be Puppy Linux or Linux Mint Fluxbox..I downloaded them for a system requirements challenged computer and I haven’t even had the chance to get to try the Live CDs yet! So, as soon as they are done with the installs (and I have time, what with the new sites and all) I will get right on those…unless I hear of something else I might want to try first lol

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