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Windows 7

Posted: January 22, 2009 in OS Reviews

My my what short memories the sheeple have…

It seems like just yesterday so many people were excited by Windows Vista..only to sadly realize that they spent hundreds of dollars to run bug infested, useless crap.

So, now Windows 7 will soon be here..(well that was quite soon on the heels of Vista, now wasn’t it?)
And once again, I hear many many herds thundering to their collective hooves, shouting once more the battle cry of Bill Gates, “Knowledge can only be mine!”

Let me say that so far, I remain so very unimpressed.  Windows 7 can have all the bells, quirks, whistles, toots, tweaks and whatnot but the sad fact remains that no matter what kind of RAM-sucking programs will come with this latest version of Windblows, it can be assured that there will be at least 30 viruses that are out to kill it within 3 days of release.  *Random thought- I wonder if they are *Nix users ha!*

Then to top off the ‘let’s spend all your money’ trap, you will have to either get a mega-Gig RAM kit or for those less tech-savvy, an entirely new box.  And for what?  to have to pay hundreds more for an operating system that is still going to be bug-ridden within a week?  And anyway..what could Windows possibly do that can EVER compare to the supremacy of Compiz-Fusion??

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