Posted: February 18, 2009 in Helpful Techie Things

Earlier, when I logged on to Frostwire for the first time since installing Linux Mint on my new laptop, I got the usual message that Frostwire was updating.  Not a big surprise there.  They either can’t get things right or they just like to update a lot.  Either way, fine with me since they have the handy-dandy deb files right on the website so I can do a one-click install..and awaaaaay we go…

Of course, I wasn’t paying a whole lot of I said Frostwire updates..a lot!  So, I can’t tell you what is in this new release..and I could care less.

What I did notice that is new in this release is that the quit function FINALLY works!!  kudos to Frostwire for finally fixing this issue.  I was getting annoyed having to force quit every time I wanted to exit Frostwire.  I clicked on it to quit and about wet myself when it actually quit.  So, thank you Frostwire.  After 2 updates, third time is charm.

(And love the application by the way)

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  1. Sorry for updating a lot, we’re actually waiting a little more until we do our next release. We just believe in releasing early, releasing often to keep everyone happy, there’s lots of users and lots of complains, therefore many updates.

  2. Pariah says:

    trust me, there’s no criticism..whatever it takes to make it right works for me!

  3. You can follow more of what goes on with FrostWire on our blog

    or on twitter, just follow @frostclick or @gubatron

  4. freespaces says:

    this article should help Frostwire users

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