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DreamLinux review!

Posted: March 3, 2009 in OS Reviews

Okay here is another review, right on the heels of the last one, it seems but I was trying to find a good distro for a friend that wouldn’t require much in the way of wi-fi knowledge (I have none) and I downloaded Dreamlinux 3.5 brc to give a whirl as I have heard it mentioned many times in distro-discussions.

As usual, I made the boot disk (instead of once upon a time, it’s going to be “after I made the boot disc”) I popped it in and loaded it up.  It started right up and began booting.  It does a verbose boot so you can see what it’s doing the whole time, while accompanied by a little Tux at the top..nice touch.  By the way, as a side note, this is a Brazilian distro although everything was in English, there are other language offerings. 

Once it started up, I noticed that the desktop environment is Xfce, so it would require fewer resources to run than a full Gnome desktop.  The theme was a nice sky blue with a polished, glassy look to the theme and icons.  The AWN (Avant Window Navigator) dock starts up right away at the bottom, with a regular panel at the top.  The icon set for the dock is nice and polished and there are 3 theme choices right off the bat. 

Going into the menu, I was surprised by the interesting choices included in this distro.  Brasero is there as well as Sound Juicer and Sound Converter, Rhythmbox and Totem.  EasyTag was also present for easy tag editing on your music files.  Nice touch, I thought. 

Then it got a bit interesting.  Not only is GIMP present, but also InkScape, which I had never messed with before.  I am downloading it as soon as I am done here.  It was fun and easy to understand unlike Wilbur I’m afraid haha.  Also there was an offering by Avidemux, a video editor.  This distro is trying to appeal to a wide base of media users.  It’s working.  Compiz Fusion is present right off as well as Emerald Themes and a theme switcher for eye-candy goodness.  In the control panel, wireless drivers are an option, as well as Hard Info, which is what it says, info about your hardware.  It correctly told me I have an Athlon processor.  However, Bluefish told me I have a Celeron processor..hmm…anyhoooo, another application, PowerNow, gave the option for AMD processor possessors to use less power with the click of a button.

As for the internet, the offering is IceWeasel.  As you now can see, this is a Debian based distro.  IceWeasel is the debranded version of Firefox (it’s the same with a different name).  One of the favorites in the toolbar is a tab called where Debian users (Ubuntu, Mint, Dreamlinux, Mepis etc) can download applications using an application installer.  There was a couple of applications that I had not heard of that I wanted so to have been informed of this website was a positive bonus for me, thank you Dreamlinux!

Overall, I liked the looks and the performance of everything i tried out on Dreamlinux.  The speed was good, nothing crashed, everything looked great.  The only thing I didn’t see was how to get the wireless drivers but I don’t need them at the moment anyway….I give Dreamlinux a healthy A.  Enjoy!

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I’ve been very busy working on many projects. One of which is my new website, the New Linux User Companion, an interactive site that I need input from Linux users (and anyone else who wants to visit) so check it out, please!