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I decided some spring cleaning was in order for the I decided to change the theme to the new spring one..mostly because I love the color green, I love grass and trees (yay trees!) and while it’s not very much in the way of a tech look like before, I seem to like it (nice design) and hey, only my opinion matters.  Enjoy.


New Distro Review!!!!!!!

Posted: May 24, 2009 in OS Reviews

Hey everyone, I have a new distro review up..yes, it’s been a while lol but I had plenty on my plate so sorry about that 🙂

Anyway, the review itself is on my website, both of them actually..I don’t really have time to re-write it on here (sorry to be such a tease) but you can read the latest distro review on my site by clicking here for a summarized version and here for the all-out messy version lol

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Tony keeps getting better and better every time he gets behind the wheel, and the crazy part is that he isn’t even into his “winning time” yet, that part of midsummer when Tony can’t do anything but take 1st..2nd place in the Cup so far, you can do it this year for sure, Tony!!!

Apparently one can do tables in CSS..I thought there was a way but I didn’t know it.  I suck at tables in html..Every time I look at the code for a table in html, it makes my head hurt.  I would say it’s Greek to me, but I can read Greek and it’s a lot easier than table code in html!

So, I googled for a code I could cut/paste/tweak and came across this site:

Thanks, people for your CSS table.  It works great and it was easier to deal with and understand than a regular html table.  Much appreciated!

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