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Yes, it’s been a while since I have written an in-depth review.  I know, I know….

Today I reviewed Mandriva One 2009, the Gnome Edition.
Using my favorite method of Live CD, I boot up and I get a nice little splash screen right away and then I sit and wait for a minute.  It took a few but not as long as Fedora to load.  There was an option of hitting the ESC button to load verbose (it tells you what it’s doing while it’s doing it).  Then it showed me a remarkably Debian looking install type screen, where it asked the usual questions like keyboard, language and time zone before it went to the desktop.

As I said, I chose Gnome; this is because I don’t like KDE and I personally find Gnome to be more stable (could just be me but I think so)  As soon as it loads, the typical Gnome layout appears.  The top and bottem panels are there, with the cute little Mandriva star and the 3 column menu.

Playing a bit in the menu reveals typical Firefox installation for internet.  Also included by default is Epiphany, the unofficial Gnome web browser.  If you’ve ever used Epiphany it is a fabulous, fast little browser with optional extensions (not many but they are useful). 

Also included standard is the entire OpenOffice Suite.  In other distros, sometimes only Wordprocessor, spreadsheet and Draw are included.  I was surprised to see a TV application then I wondered why only Totem, the Gnome media player was included.  I would recommend getting Mplayer or VLC to compliment this.   VLC is notorious for being able to play just about anything.

So then I mosey down to the Software Manager and I really liked it.  It was arranged for example, with a category of packages with much more newbie friendly is that??  The software manager is in the menu as its own entry but it also lives in the Control Center.

The control center is the infamous center of user operations that is duplicated in the distros of PCLinuxOS and TinyMe Linux and the idea is used in other distros as well.  This is where the user can configure most everything right from a GUI.  This is particularly helpful for a new Linux user.

Some fun little things I encountered were the gnome-panel-manager, which not only told me the battery life available on my laptop but also the current battery life of my wireless mouse too!  The latest Flash player is included and there are other desktop environments available, the default KDE as well as FVWM and IceWM lite.  Evolution (the Gnome standard mail client) is there along with Spam Assassin and parental controls.

I realize I haven’t said anything about the appearance of Mandriva.  Not to say it’s ugly, because it’s not.  It just gets completely overshadowed by its awesomeness.  Which is a very good thing!  It is a very nice looking distro, a deep, rich blue and a very polished, classy Gnome look..I’m sure KDE has the more eye-candy looks to it but I prefer the professional look of Gnome.  Compiz-Fusion is ready to go by default and my windows wobbled right off the bat and the desktop is set up to cube away right from the start.

So what is my overall opinion?  All I can say is Wow, wow, wow!  I absolutely loved it!! 

I am seriously considering installing this distro..very seriously!!  Especially since my wireless networks were detected right off the bat, a problem ongoing with Linux Mint.  I am also usually a Debian fanatic, since I like the ease of use in installing deb files but I could seriously get to like this…I swear I can feel a Scottish smirk being directed my way……….

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New Linux distro review!!

Minor Boo-boo

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Sorry about that, I was posting to all my blogs simultaneously with (I love you guys!!!) and I forgot to take this one off the list, so Tony Stewart ended up here after all…and since I don’t believe in removing Tony Stewart from any post ever, this one just has to stay…I  shall have to adjust my Ping preferences!  Sorry all!  New distro review to come shortly!

That’s right, Tony Stewart just won his first Sprint Cup points race today, the first owner/driver to win a race since 1998!!!! Way to go Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!