Gnome-Do 08.1.3

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Helpful Techie Things
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I made mention in an earlier post how I was having issues with the plugin that goes with Gnome-Do.  Well, I figured it out and now I’m pinging away without having to visit the website at all *sighs contentedly*.

This is just one of the amazing things I love, love, love about the “Do.”  Gnome-Do is in fact, the number one reason why I would never go to any other desktop environment.  I seriously can’t “do” without this application!!

I love the fact that I can type in the first 3 letters of my name and bam, there’s my home folder being used to only take 1 letter but it starts with a P, just like so I have to live with that but fast is that?  On this version of Do, not only does it go one folder deep but now I can open any folder and browse the contents, just like Nautilus.  Enter ‘pr’ for instance, and I have the choices (and not just the two) of adjusting my audio server preferences or printer settings.  Enter an ‘a’ and I get choices ranging from opening on of my most often used text files to opening Audacity or adjusting bluetooth settings.

The plugins are what makes Do so fabulous.  There are so many plugins that expand what Do can ‘do.’  For instance, with various plugins, you can look up words in the dictionary, search your Firefox and Opera bookmarks, control the Banshee audio player, run a terminal, shut down the computer, do several things with Google apps, control Rhythmbox, XMMS or Pidgin, install new packages with Apt, look through bookmarks, talk with friends via the MSN clone, search Google or YouTube.  Gnome-Do can really do it all!

In addition, Gnome-Do now comes with a dock interface.  I like to use AWN myself, at least for now but if Docky ever becomes customizable and themeable, well then I’ll check it out.

Thanks to the Gnome-Do team and to everyone who created and maintains plugins.  Gnome-Do is the most awesome application for Linux I have ever used.


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