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Waiting for PCLOS 2010

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Generally Speaking..

I am excited as can be about the new and upcoming release of PCLinuxOS.  This was in fact the second distro I ever used, before I had any particular DE preference.  I will be trying out PCLOS 2010 but I doubt if I will be installing it for active use.  As much as I enjoyed how “radically simple” PCLOS is, I have since my newbiest newbie days learned to adore Gnome and will not give it up lightly.  Stay tuned for a not to distant review!


Well, well…what a nice little hornet’s nest I managed to stir up with my last post, which was a rant against Ubuntu 9.10 and it’s unfortunately named Karmic Koala.  The fact that it should have been obvious that it was a RANT aside, for those of you who were at least polite about your curiosity will get more “meat on the bones” as it was put.   So many comments, so little time but I’ll give it that old I-don’t-really-care-for-your-opinion-anyway try.

1.  To Danbuntu, what a shocker that you said “What a horrible article.”  Well, if it had been an article to begin with, I suppose it would have been horrible.  Since you don’t seem to know the difference between an article and a rant that comes after 4 days sucking face with the command line, then I would have to comment, “what a horrible sense of grammar.”  As for the rest, wow I never once thought to go back to Mint 7.  And no, that’s not an article, that’s sarcasm.  As for why I support the Mint fork over Ubuntu.. it’s because the fork is better.  It’s one thing to be all hip-hip hurray for an operating system but another to sound like a Puppy user with an AK-47 and a shortage of anti-depressants.

2.  To Cherax, I believe I was trying be chock full of ambiguities.  I wasn’t trying to help you or anyone else but it’s nice you believe you are important.  As for being “a Microsoft fanboy”…seriously??  Apparently my ambiguous nature confused you from the start, since you missed the whole first line “I am a happy Linux Mint user” entirely.  Nor have I been mistaken for a boy since the age of 15 when I got these giant knockers.  As for that last supposed insult thrown my way (yes, alluding to a 1st day Linux user mistake WAS hilarious, I’m still weepy eyed) “just forgot to back up your files before choosing the wrong drive partition option?”  That was just specific enough to make me wonder if there’s a little bitter truth in there for you.

Alright, now that I have dispatched the idiot brigade, for those of you who asked politely or had some nice advice to offer, your comments will be answered in the same vein.

1.  To Opensas, yes I could stick to LTS distros, they are nice to have around…but where would the fun be in that?  😉

2.  To Johan Borgstrom, thank you for the suggestion and I did consider Arch Linux after reading some reviews.  This was before I got back into doing artwork, which takes up a lot of time and unfortuanately I dont’ have time to spend sweating my life away over the command line.  However, having said that, it’s still very much an option if I take a break from my art for a while.

3.  To Robenroute and the rest of you expressing your curiosity concerning my exact complaints:

I had Linux Mint 8 installed, which means an underbelly consisting of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala (I really should have known better with that name and my luck, but what can I say).  The performance issues Roben speaks of were severe with me also.  I was having the same embedded video issues of which you wrote.  In addition, I had some flash issues that only cropped up intermittently and would disappear (temporarily) with the old uninstall/reinstall trick.  I agree that Jaunty and Intrepid were more responsive and more (intuitive?) than Karmic also.

My biggest issues were with mounting.  Just typing that sentence made me mad on behalf of the days I spent googling, searching, highlighting, and googling some more for solutions to the various mounting issues that came up.  First, I had a USB stick that wouldn’t mount except under ‘sudo.’ I found and implemented a solution for that only to have it start mounting read-only.  Found and implemented a solution for that only to have it stop mounting under user.  Then it would.  Then it wouldn’t.  All under the same login session.  I can feel my eyelid starting to twitch just remembering.

I got to be quite familiar with /etc/fstab, /etc/mtab, mount and umount, and yes, I did “Read The Fucking Man Pages”…a lot.  dmesg | tail figured prominently as well as lsusb and many, many others that are making me want to go on a shooting spree thinking about.  NOW CAN YOU ALL UNDERSTAND WHY I WROTE A SHORT RANT?  IT WAS TO SAVE YOU ALL! ahem..anyway.

The most fun parts were when I would successfully mount under user but read-only, then to try again and have to mount as root, then have to mount only to have it say that there’s no such thing as /dev/sdb1 in /etc/fstab..oh really? that’s funny I’m looking right at it (eyelid twitch here).  Fine, try it mounted, but read-only..great.. I mean seriously, all in THE SAME LOGIN SESSION.  Okay need a zen break here.  Each instance of non-successful mounting accompanied several searches, re-writing the fstab, rebooting, command line lovin’ and formatting the USB stick to absolutely no avail…so why exactly was I putting myself through this torture?  My brother and sister-in-law managed to get some kind of error on their Windoze netbook that I’ve never even heard of, so I needed to install a new OS for them.  I got my brother liking Linux a while back, so he asked me to find something suitable and slap it on there.  “Okay, no prob.” I say, with that smug little smile I get when I know I can do something many others cannot. No more of that attracts bad karma apparently.

Needless to say, I never did get the mounting issues solved on Karmic.  I downloaded the .iso for my brother’s netbook and would mount the USB stick (hey wow it mounted, it really mounted!!!) and open USB creator, which would promptly unmount the USB stick, which would then decide to not mount again for 10 more tries, at which time it would mount read only again.  (This doesn’t even count the bad-block errors I got within some of those tries also. Then, after all of this, I decide fine..I will download a new distro for my computer.  That was great, until I decided to burn the .iso with Brasero..oh goody, now my optical drive won’t mount either.  (Popping pills now.)  I ended up with an old copy of Dreamlinux that I had from my distro hopping days and with that I decided to reinstall Linux Mint 7.  Anything bad I may have reviewed about Dreamlinux I officially retract here.

Needless to say, after days of Googling, I discover I am not even close to being a “pariah” on this issue.  Many others have had this same exact issue with Karmic.  As far as I’m concerned, if nothing mounts/unmounts/writes properly, that’s a deal breaker in a really big way.  I absolutely stand behind my remarks of “massive crap under the surface.”  It should be obvious that I’m an Ubuntu fan in general.  After all Linux Mint IS Ubuntu, just done right.  Since I am an Ubuntu user I might just be able to say “massive crap” and be knowing what I’m talking about.  Also it would appear everyone missed the part about how “I certainly hope that Lucid Lynx will be a huge improvement over Karmic Koala.” I believe this would imply that I will be trying it out, otherwise why would I care?

I do hope this addendum was specific enough for everyone.  Can I get anyone some gravy for their meat?..apparently, I am not entitled to just rant to vent some anger.  Next time, duly noted.  I will just start the killing spree instead.

I am a happy Linux Mint user.  No doubt in my mind it is the top of the top of Linux distros as far as user interface experiences go.  However, as much as I loved the improvements to Linux Mint 7 that were available in Linux Mint 8, I found it to be nearly unusable for what I needed.  No, this is not about Linux Mint itself.  What it is about is the Ubuntu underbelly of Linux Mint.  Karmic Koala (or 9.10) is seriously flawed!  I certainly hope that Lucid Lynx will be a huge improvement over Koala.  Although in part, I figure I should take responsibility for the mess Karmic left me in.  As someone who has frighteningly bad luck, I should have known to stay light years away from anything with Karma in the name.  But of course, I had to have the latest and greatest of Mints, so I had the problems with Ubuntu to show for it.

Although if Clem LeFebvre is paying attention to the folks..and you better believe he does!…then hopefully future Mints will depend just a bit less on Ubuntu in order to avoid the problems they have with what I feel is way to short of a release cycle.

Do you hear that, Ubuntu?? Waaaaaaaay to short of a release cycle.  Try 9 months instead..that would give more time to find the massive crap underlying the surface.  I am eagerly awaiting Linux Mint 9, but I might wait for a while before I just jump into it.  I have been burned and am not eager to jump back into the fire.

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Android for x86 systems?

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Generally Speaking..

Looks like Android is attempting to take over the world.  Check out the page:  here to find out more about this project.  And check out the screenshot here.  Tell me this isn’t a beautiful desktop!  Can’t wait for this project to grow.  Should make for a very interesting experience!

Opera Wallpaper

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Generally Speaking.., Outcast Posts

nearly 6,000 downloads of my Opera Wallpapers!

In case you don’t know..this is a huuuuuuge deal. Linux seminars are usually vastly expensive and therefore, hard to do..but here’s some for free, taught by actual Linux developers, not just lecturers!


Linux Foundation Launches Free Training Webinar Series! This is a very big deal! Usually these seminars run upwards of almost $2000!!!