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Google Chrome OS

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Helpful Techie Things

Google Chrome OS is now in beta and can be downloaded from here Click here


For anyone who doesn’t know by now, Ubuntu has decided to ditch their world famous brown “human” suit in order to look more like a washed out version of Mac.  Ever since Ubuntu came on the scene, it has sported a brown theme.  Many people have poked fun or just flat out hated it.  I read a comment about how Ubuntu looked like something off a “pumpkin pie box” for instance.

As for me, I personally liked the brown theme of Ubuntu.  I liked what it was trying to symbolize with the name, theme and general concept of being human.  Ubuntu is recognized first and foremost by the brown theme and it brings comfort to many for being the premier newbie (thereby human) friendly Linux distro in the world.  I like brown.  For me, it’s the color of chocolate.  Chocolate is tasty.  Therefore, brown is good.  This is how my mind works.  Additionally, it is not the screaming-obscenities-in-your-face shade of blue that ex Windows refugees tend to cringe away from.  It is easily recognizable.  So now, I guess when you see something gray and purple, you will go to look at the Mac and say heyyyy wait a second, this isn’t Mac, what is this?..and then be sucked into the Linux world via some bait-n-switch tactic?  Interesting strategy, but all I can say is that I bemoan the loss of humanity.

Crunch Bang Linux goes Debian!

Posted: March 20, 2010 in OS Reviews

I’ve been keeping an eye on Crunch Bang Linux for some time.  I admit it, the name drew me in.  I had not made up my mind to download it yet with all the other things I have going on at any given time.  I am currently behind on updating 2 blogs, 2 websites and my art gallery..ugh..At any rate, I was checking in on Distrowatch to see when the final release version of the new PCLinuxOS is coming out (almost there!) when I noticed that Crunch Bang has a new version coming out.  Currently it’s in alpha, and being unfamiliar with the distro’s release schedule, I’m not certain when the final will be out.  What I did notice is that, for the first time, Crunch Bang is opting to build on Debian, rather than Ubuntu.  I am excited about this, as I was highly and publicly disgruntled about Karmic Koala.  Crunch Bang desktop is packaged with Openbox and Xfce.  As soon as this becomes final, I will be doing a review on it to see what I think.  I have heard very good things abou it, so here’s hoping!

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Minty sadness

Posted: March 13, 2010 in Generally Speaking..

One of the elite members of the Linux Mint community, a team member, passed away.  Mats Geier was commonly known as “Husse” in the Linux Mint community.  He was very active in the community, maintaining the forum as well as doing the newsletter, testing the ISOs and was starting to work on bugs for Launchnet.  I have more than once been personally assisted by Husse and have no doubt that his passing is not only hard for his family and IRL friends but all of us virtual friends as well.  With Husse gone, there is a huge void in the Linux Mint community that will never be filled.  Thank you Husse for all your hard work and dedication.  You will be greatly missed.