PCLinuxOS 2010 review take 2

Posted: April 24, 2010 in OS Reviews

Okay, I gave PCLinuxOS Gnome a shot (because I have always been a huge fan of the concept) but alas it doesn’t seem meant to be.  I was not able to get online at all with PCLinuxOS Gnome.

Now, on to the main KDE version that I made the focus of my review.  Since that frustrating test of PCLOS 2010,  I tried it again, with the intention of trying out a couple of solutions that I came across.  Normally, I would not do this because the focus of my reviews is NEWBIE FRIENDLINESS and EASE OF USE.  That was for the morons who are going to comment on how I should try solutions before ‘bashing’ their favorite distro.  However, I chose to try a couple of possible solutions to the sound problem I was having simply because I am a fan of PCLOS and have been since I first tried it out and it was my very second distro.  So I popped in the LiveCD again.

As I had stated in the first part of this review, my wireless and ethernet were detected with no problem whatsoever and as I was using my ethernet connection at the time, it said I was up and running and ready for business.  So, with that in mind I opened up Firefox to re-read some of the solutions I researched for the sound problem only to discover that the internet connection was not working in Firefox.  I couldn’t open a single page.  Being less of a newb than the newbs I try to assist, I tried reconfiguring, reworking, manually entering, DNS changing blah blah blah for about 45 minutes without any such luck.  I also changed settings in Firefox, disabling the ivp6 <-sp?> and setting up for direct connection as I don’t use a proxy.  Nothing doing, sir!

So, I’m afraid that with the sound not working and the internet not working, I am afraid I will have to give PCLOS a low score on the newbie friendliness scale.  In fact, although I was hoping to have a dual boot option, in the end these issues are a dealbreaker.  I’m happy for anyone who is happily using this and good luck with it.

  1. neeraj says:

    For sure you seem to be one of the worst reviewers I have come across. PCLinuxOS is definitely a very well done user friendly distro in the present date. For your sound problem I suspect you have probably not checked the different volumes in Kmix (since you are getting some faint sound).For hardware and system maintenance it has one of the best control center borrowed from mandriva.Better luck next time.

  2. Pariah says:

    Certainly you are one of the worst readers I have come across. PCLinuxOS has been (in the past) the definitive distro for user friendliness. This is not the case anymore. If you won’t take my word for it, hit up Distrowatch and see where they are ranking these days. I know exactly what to do in order to fix the issue with the sound. That isn’t the point of the review. So read carefully: The point of these reviews is to assist NEW LINUX USERS in finding the distro that works for them. Each distro reviewed is given grades based on how well it works OUT OF THE BOX which is what a NEW LINUX USER requires. The sound issue is one that I know how to fix but a NEW LINUX USER would not and therefore likely give up on using Linux, thinking that it is ‘no good.’ As for the control center, I agree. It is a great way to control everything in one place, which is newbie friendly. Better luck reading next time.

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