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Football sucks

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Random Techie Ponderings

Pretty much self explanatory.

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According to an article I read today in the Epoch Times, scientists are about to take a major step forward in the field of genetics by cloning a mammoth, extinct for a couple thousand years now.  This to me is exactly the kind of project that cloning should be used for.  I strongly oppose the use of cloning to make more humans, as we simply do not need any more of us.  However, at the rate the human population continues to grow, animals that are our foodsource are not as plentiful.  Let’s face it, mammoth will feed quite a few people.  Besides, I think we owe it to any species we killed off to bring them back if we have the means to do so.  In 10 years mammoth steaks could be all the rage again.

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Mediocre Breakfast

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Random Techie Ponderings

For about a week now I have been craving some steak and eggs so today I was finally able to get to Cahills to order it.  Cahill’s family restaurant is famous in our town for breakfast and I have had nothing but good experiences so I expected to have a great experience today.  However, right when I walked in I stood to wait to be seated..I waited and waited until finally I heard a girl say she’ll have to wait a minute..after several more minutes, a couple went to leave and the girl came and checked them out..she didn’t say a word to me until after sorting tickets..then she asked me if I was there to eat..really?  I finally get seated and put in my order.  It was brought quickly but I didn’t enjoy hearing the cook talk about her previous evenings adventures to the staff while I waited.  The chopped steak I ordered? A slab of meat with a knife..apparently the customer adds the chopped part.  My unbuttered toast had butter on it and my scrambled eggs were simply beaten milk.  I never saw my server again and the check was brought with my food like they were rushing me out.  I usually don’t complain but I no longer believe in Cahill’s as the best breakfast place in Danville.

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