Dual boot adventures

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Something's Just Not Right, Here..

The other day was quite the adventure when I decided to dual boot Meego Linux on my new Acer netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter.  By the way that is the worst OS EVER!  I repartitioned and installed Meego only to discover that upon reboot, it would only boot into Meego.  No bootloader! Grrr! So I finally get back into Windows only to have it reinstall from the backup partition! So then it would only boot into Windows…after googling I found one person doing the same install as me and posted a tutorial.  Unfortunately the steps didn’t work for me.  So, to see if the problem was universal I installed Ubuntu Netbook edition.  Bootloader worked fine..unfortunately I despised UNE. So I took that off and rebooted…to have a grub error!!! More googling got a quick fix for that..back into Windows..then to reinstall Meego cuz I really like it.  So then I got back into windows, just to have it run the repair again..ugh..then I downloaded a program to make a bootloader..after reinstalling Meego again..thank goodness it’s fast..and I was able to create a bootloader that actually worked! So now I am happily using Meego, while keeping Windblows to use just for updating my daughters Nokia phone.


Dual boot adventures – Pariah’s Posterous.

  1. I just bought a new netbook (Acer , as well).

    I did try to make a dual-boot config with Debian 6 and Windows 7, but didn’t work. You said that “was able to create a bootloader that actually worked”, would be nice if you post this.


  2. Mark says:

    I remember my HP elitebook 6930p had several security options to prevent bootup with an alternate OS, such as using a cd to hack the system. I disabled all that stuff.

    Instead of dual boot, I’m running PClos with TinyXP in VirtualBox.

    Perhaps you should check in your bios for EFI, hp protect tools, and all those others. Microsoft also has some security measures in the the BIOS or pre-boot.

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