Learning to Love a New Desktop

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Generally Speaking.., OS Reviews

Well, Linux Mint 12 has released and Clem and gang have expressed their need to make the move to Gnome 3, in order to keep the compatibility with Ubuntu and that they held onto Gnome 2x longer than most others but that it was important to ease users into the change to Gnome 3. To that end, Clem et. al. has Mintified Gnome 3 with elements of Gnome 2x, using MATE, a fork dreamed up by a lone programmer who apparently hated Gnome 3 as much as the rest of us haters. Clem has taken a crafty and sensible approach, easing in the new Gnome 3 features while keeping some Gnome 2x features, thereby allowing at least one release to slide into the Gnome 3 experience. Note the standings of Linux Mint, which has now taken the number one spot on the DistroWatch ranking. Apparently, from what I’m reading and from the brief test of Unity, said Unity blows and people are fleeing the sinking ship. I myself couldn’t stand Unity and I’m not much bigger of a fan of Gnome 3 (I thought it sucked marginally less than Unity) so now as a longtime Gnome user, I’m finding myself in a dilemma, thinking for the first time since using Linux that it may be time to rethink KDE. I have enjoyed XFCE but to me, it just feels like a Gnome that fell off the short bus. I know it’s not, but it ‘feels’ that way…anyway, I’m currently downloading MEPIS 11 to see if I, in any way, can rethink the KDE desktop. We shall see.


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