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Simple Mail :: Add-ons for Firefox.

I recently got a new computer, unfortunately equipped with Windows 7, so that i could get Adobe CS5 for my second job..if you have 7, you know that the popular email client Outlook Express is no longer shipping out with 7. Therefore, after downloading many (and I mean a few dozen) different email clients, I decided that my favorite choice out of all of them is a simple add on for Firefox, called Simple inbox is universal, meaning all my most recent mail is there, so i dont have to have 8 different trees for the 8 different email accounts..i just color code each account. Trust me, it’s simple.


Now that Amplify has been taken over, along with rival Clipmarks, I have been sorely pressed to find a replacement. Amplify was a necessary and extremely useful tool for cross posting various items I found to compliment my blog postings. They were acquired by Clipboard, which doesn’t allow for posting one’s clippings to one’s services, blogs, etc. which sucks! I therefore recommend Pixelpipe to step in where Amplify used to be. It’s not as comprehensive as Amplify was, but as far as I can tell, it’s a rare find to be able to cross post at all these days. As far as web clippings, I am making do with Shareaholic, but my links will only be shared one at a time, however they do support just about everyone. So how about you, dear reader? Any web clipping, cross posting combo you know of to replace Amplify and Clipmarks?