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Home of the Mageia project

Posted: February 25, 2014 in OS Reviews

I may have posted already about my woes in trying to install Mageia 4 from DVD..apparently I’m not the only one and there is a serious bug involved..good to know because I was all kinds of unhappy that it crashed BEFORE installing files, therefore no GRUB for me..I ended up installing Linux Mint 13 with Xfce and everything is smooth sailing (well except for the part where I’m not overly fond of Xfce but Gnome is garbage and Cinnamon is too flaky for me and KDE is a tad overdone for my tastes)
I’m going to try again with the Live CD and maybe then I can give a proper review, aye?

Home of the Mageia project.


I finally make time to install Mageia 4 today and not only did the install fail, 3 times but it finally crapped out, taking my GRUB with it

Bug 12549 – Can not install Mageia from DVD, but good from USB flash.

Yeah well, I’m not voting for Opera now..Everything that made Opera great is now gone.

Which web browser is the best? – Opera Software.

Cannot change display language from Chinese to English in Foxmail and – Microsoft Community.

This is an extremely helpful bit of info for those of us who’d like to try Foxmail but don’t read Chinese 🙂