Elementary OS

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Generally Speaking.., OS Reviews

Well here’s something I haven’t done in far too long: a distro review. I had been having some issues with various items on my laptop which was running Linux Mint. However, I wasn’t fond of Cinnamon and MATE made me miss what will never be again. KDE is too heavy for my laptop without frequent flakiness and I just can’t do enough with XFCE to make it look and behave the way I want without making me sorely miss GNOME 2.x So I decided to try something else. I had been hearing rave reviews of Elementary OS, which comes with the Pantheon desktop. So I boot up a copy and discover that wow, it’s pretty. The Elementary Team really likes the Mac look and they made it show it clearly. It’s probably the prettiest desktop environment I’ve seen to date. I ended up installing it (so you know I liked it) and I’m a fan of put-the-bare-necessities-on-and-let-them-add-their-own school of thought, which is nice because there’s nothing but the basics. However, after a couple of days, I could see that EOS is just a tad too simplified for me. I realize that many desktop environments are trying to simplify to accommodate new Linux users but it’s starting to get pretty insulting (are you listening Gnome 3?)and unfortunately this gorgeous desktop falls into that category. “Files” Pantheon File Manager is obviously aimed at the simple (I mean, files? really?) and it does even less than Windows Explorer. Nautilus has also gone in the insult-our-fanbase-by-treating-them-like-sheep route and has crippled Nautilus.  I love love love the customization options in KDE but it eats too much.  I like Openbox but I don’t have time for it. What to do, what to do.  So ATM, I am using Linux Mint Debian (my long time love affair with Linux Mint) with Cinnamon, which has its flaky moments too but Cinnamon 2 is so much better than ever.


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