Home – start.me

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Helpful Techie Things

Chrome based browsers can be brutal on memory, even with only a couple of extensions running.  I don’t really like to use Bookmarks because it gets cluttered and it’s not as visual as I like.  I was using Only2Clicks but half the time the thumbnails never show up.  I ended up switching to Start.me  and I really like it thus far.  I can set it up as my home page and anytime i need to click on one of my many bookmarked websites I can click on the icon.  I was using FVD Speed dial but extensions like that end up leaking memory like a sieve.  Home – start.me is really good so far with a lot of customization options.  This of course is just for my bookmarks.  All my work related sites are kept (along with their notes and tags) on Evernote for now until I decide on a permanent replacement for Springpad (which btw, Clipix is winning ATM but Memit is coming back with a site redesign next month so we’ll see; also I really like ChannelKit) Wow, I just typed all that within like 2 minutes.


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