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Posted: July 15, 2014 in Generally Speaking.. – Your personal start page | iGoogle Alternative  I never used iGoogle so when it shut down; it didn’t affect me a bit.  I started noticing soon after that how many people missed it and were looking for something like it.  After trying all kinds of things out there, I mostly wanted something to keep all my bookmarks and be a web page rather than an extension as I use 2 different operating systems with 4 or 5 different browsers.  I was so happy that Start.Me has what I need.  There’s an import tool (after trying out a zillion alternatives to Springpad, trust me, an import tool is VITAL.  There is also a bookmark clipper.  You just add the button to your bookmarks bar and when you find a page you want to bookmark, you click the button and it grabs it for you and let’s you choose what page or widget you want it on.  I have several different pages (shown as tabs) based on how I had them organized by folder in my bookmarks.  On each page, there’s the option of placing different widgets..I use bookmarks obviously but there are widgets for newsfeeds, notes, weather, html, Twitter and facebook! That’s not the entire list either.  Each page has customization options as well as choice of background (can be different for each page) and the widgets are drag and drop to reorder.  As are the items in the widgets.  This was supposed to be a quick blurb about a new service I’m trying out but now it’s a full on review of a product I am keeping.  My only,very slightly, niggling complaint is the thumbnails could be a tad bigger..but it’s no big deal if that never happens.  Of course, I’ll keep my Only2Clicks account because I believe in backups of backups but this is what I’m sticking with, definitely.  And I’ve just discovered the export tool is good.


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