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To celebrate my second follower of my Obsessive Compulsive Linux Disorder blog (a momentous occasion to be sure) I have added both of my followers’ sites to my list of cool places.  So, thank you, kind followers, all two of you!


Image 2I have to do one of my rare, rave reviews today.  This review is of, a bookmarking service that I absolutely love and can’t do without.  I have 2 computers, one with Windows for work and my personal computer with Linux Mint.  Split between these two computers are about 5 or 6 different instances of web browsers.  Having bookmarks on each browser then would not only be confusing but ultimately counterproductive.  For this reason I use bookmarking services.  Xmarks is one of the more popular ones, as is Delicious (which I also have and never use)  For the longest time, I was using a service called Only2Clicks.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have my bookmarks on there as I feel there is no such thing as too many backups.  However, I came across Start.Me by using Alternative.To and made the move permanently.  All my bookmarks are now on Start.Me and I love this service.  It’s really awesome! And Free!  Everything is placed on widgets; bookmarks, news, weather, notes, etc.  Apparently it’s a lot like Google start page (which I never used before) but for me it’s just so awesome I can’t say enough good things about it.  I was able to import my stuff from Only2Clicks and there’s an export available too (a little hard to find, check the help page)  I sent them an email once telling them how much i loved the service but that I wished that I could move a widget from one page to another with drag n drop.  They said, sure thing and now I can!  The devs are amazingly responsive, I swear they must be Linux users 🙂  So, check out this service if you are like me and need a cloud-based bookmarking service with many perks.