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Download Yandex.Browser

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Generally Speaking..

So, for a little bit, I’ve been testing a new web browser.  I like my Yandex Mail so much I thought I’d try their web browser.  Download Yandex.Browser  It’s a chrome based browser, much lighter and without Google’s interference.  The extensions come (oddly enough) from the Opera web browser extensions but there is an Opera extension (called “Download Chrome Extension”) that you can install to Yandex Browser that will allow you to then download extensions from the Chrome Web Store.  To begin with though, Yandex.Browser pulled my extensions in from Torch Browser when I first installed it.  My Evernote extension didn’t work properly, so that’s how I ended up downloading the “Download Chrome Extension” and then reinstalling Evernote web clipper from the chrome store.  It’s got a thing called Tableau that opens whenever you open a new tab, where you can see a speed dial, history, extensions and downloads, as well as change background and toggle synching.  The menu button is up in the window bar too, which is nice: one less thing taking up space in the browser.  I’ve been using it as my main browser since I uninstalled Torch, my previous favorite.  Torch updated and the extra plugin features like music/video downloader, torrent downloader, music, games and video apps became impossible to disable.  Torch ended up easily using over a 1GB of RAM at any given time, with no tabs or extensions running.  Yandex only runs that with several extensions and tabs going.  I’m keeping it for a while.


So, I’ve had my Yandex mail account for about 2 years now.  Very very happy with it.  Never a spam in sight and I get a free 10GB storage on the cloud for whatever I want.  So when I started having problems without, I thought perhaps another Russian email account might just be the solution.  Mail.Ru: mail, search the web, news, games.  As to the issues, well, sometimes I don’t get my emails…from newsletters, mostly, ones I use for work.  Even when I’ve added them to safe sender lists, created filters to keep them in the inbox, added them to my contacts..nothing works..and I’m far from the only one with this problem.  MS tech support just goes round and round with the same ”solutions” over and over without actually solving anything.  So, until they get their shit together, I won’t be using them for work, which is a damn shame because other than this issue, is a pretty good product.  As for it’s another Russian email service, which also has lots of other products with it, like Yandex and Google.  It also gave me a whopping 100GB of free storage.  I’m testing it out now with those same newsletters; if all is a go, this will likely become my new work email address and will go away completely.  One caveat, though.  Use a web browser with a translator built in (or an extension) because is not nearly as English friendly as Yandex.