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Here’s something new that has caught the attention of many former (even current) Opera users.  The original developers of Opera Web Browser were among the hordes of people dismayed by the strip-down of Opera during its changeover to be YACC (Yet Another Chrome Clone) so they started a new project.  Basically, it’s like the old Opera, come back to life as Vivaldi – A new browser for our friends.  When it’s complete, and at the moment it’s no where near  (tech preview only stage) it will do all the glorious things that Opera 12 did, with the awesome sidebar for bookmarks, downloads, a note taking app with a built in screenshooter and yes, the mail client (which isn’t ready yet).  There will also be extensions when all is said and done.  They even brought back the community pages, which as previous Opera users remember, included a social community complete with blogs, forums, groups and more.  No joke, Vivaldi is rough at the moment.  But hey, so was Opera at first, and it ended up the power user’s dream browser.  How could it go wrong with the original programmers hard at work on it?  I have my tech preview installed, and there are weekly updates to it.  At this rate, in no time at all we will have an amazing browser that people are already starting to talk about in the user communities of Opera and Maxthon.  I’m very excited about this project!  In the meantime, head over to the community pages and join in on the conversations and make some new friends.


I was on the Opera blog earlier to see if there was anything new of note after the update.  Sadly, no.  I keep hoping, as I’ve been an Opera fangirl from the first 30 seconds I ever used it, way back in Opera 7/8.  After Opera 12, the powers that be decided to ditch everything that made Opera truly unique and be just another Chrome clone and not even that good of one. It took several updates before bookmarks worked, if that doesn’t say it all.  I digress.  So I was on the Opera blog earlier and someone made a comment mentioning Vivaldi.  I thought it was a codename for the next testing version of Opera.  Why I clicked that link, I have no idea, but I discovered that Vivaldi is a new web browser, developed by the original developers of Opera.  That right there just made my DAY! Here’s their mission statement: “We must make a new browser. A browser for ourselves and a browser for our friends. A browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you” 

And they aren’t playing around either.  Not only is the browser available for download (expect bugs though, it’s beta) but there is a full fledged community up and running with over 20,000 members already.  I signed up, feeling quite nostalgic as I did so.  Here’s the link for the community (which comes with a blog and webmail too) – Welcome.

I’m off to download the browser and give it a whirl.