How to Move OneDrive to Google Drive After Storage Cut

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Generally Speaking..

OneDrive’s generous 15GB storage was one of my favorite things that Microsoft has ever done. Yes, I’m harsh. And now they’ve turned right round, like a record baby, and said, NOPE! The free storage is going down to a paltry 5GB. Shameful business there. As I mentioned on a G+ community,* they could have grandfathered in everyone who previously had an account, changing to the new options for new account users. I’ve had a seriously hateful relationship with MS over the years. The large amount of free storage, along with email aliases, are the ONLY reasons I had an account.  That’s right, I’ve never had a MS account. No hotmail history for this girl!  So they lured me in with all that tasty storagey goodness and for what? So they could yank it all away?

In a nutshell, you will have only three storage plans for OneDrive: 5 GB (free), 50 GB ($2 per month), 1 TB ($10 per month or $100 per year, with Office 365).

The Internet is angry at Microsoft. After promising unlimited storage with the Office 365 subscription, and 15 GB of storage for free users, the company has reneged on its promise. All because some users abused the system.

Source: How to Move OneDrive to Google Drive After Storage Cut


I did end up receiving one email (blink and you’ll miss it) that invited me to click a link in order to keep my 15 GB of storage. This was after they took heavy PR hits for yanking it away to begin with. New users will only get 5GB, and if you were a previous user and missed the email, you’ll only have 5GB too.



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