LastPass extension for Firefox Nightly

Posted: October 27, 2017 in Generally Speaking..
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So, just a heads up (I know, I know, I’m gone forever and now I just waltz back in like nothing’s happened) Firefox Nightly was not working at all with the LastPass extension for quite some time. On this page here at the LastPass blog, there is a beta extension that is supposed to work (or might, hey there’s no guarantees with a beta anything..not even the fish) so I gave it a go last week (on Firefox 58, Nightly) and it didn’t work. I was a very sad (and mad!) panda so I found an alternative extension called Bitwarden, which is a very capable password manager but I was missing the form fill features of LastPass so today I decided to try again.  I grabbed the beta from the included link and was able to successfully install and use it.  So far the only thing that is not functioning for me is editing a new entry. LP asks if I want to save new credentials but upon editing, I was not able to successfully put the new login info into the folder I wished to.  Not a dealbreaker, it’s easy enough to click on the vault and do it from there.  If you are using FF 57, you should be good to go on this as I’m using it on 58.  Enjoy!


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