Fake Email Subscribers Problem

Posted: May 8, 2018 in Generally Speaking.., Something's Just Not Right, Here..
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For the time being, I have removed the options to subscribe to my blog and also to follow my blog. These options are being abused by people signing up for Outlook.com email accounts. They are then subscribing to posts by email in order to get your real email address.  As soon as you post something new on your blog, your real email address is going to be sent to these “followers” and ”subscribers.” So, it’s like one is deliberately placing themselves on an email collection list for future spam. I’ve gotten probably 20 or so of these notifications from WordPress.com over the last few days. No doubt, my email will be flooded with spam within the next couple of weeks. Super.  The only option I know of at this point is to remove the follow options until either, A. WordPress devises a way to deal with this or B. This is just another spam thing to live with. *sigh*

Fake (2)

UPDATE: WordPress.com has been made aware of the issue and is working hard to remove fake subscribers.  Thanks, WordPress for being on top of this issue.


So, for any real people that want to subscribe, please be patient and hopefully the issue is resolved relatively quickly.

  1. Yeah…I’ve seen the same thing happen to me with the Sammy followers. So far it seems annoying but harmless. Hopefully it stays harmless.

  2. Pariah says:

    my theory is that they are collecting email addresses from the posts

  3. Who knows? Maybe that’s possible…

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