Exciting News! Linux Apps Are Coming to Chromebooks

Posted: May 9, 2018 in Generally Speaking..
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Courtesy of OMG Ubuntu! I found out today that Linux applications will be coming to Chromebooks.  This is a pretty big deal and one that is so long overdue: the recognition of Linux in the greater computing world. Those of us who already know and love Linux can go on for an hour about why Linux makes us happy. Seriously, you can google flame wars (people who get in online arguments about whose Linux is better) yes, it’s a thing.  There is some of this attitude seen in Mac owners and it’s absent entirely from Windows owners in general. Most feel, myself included, merely okay with having an operating system that has more glitches than an episode of Max Headroom.  I’m using Windows 10 due to the necessity of using Adobe products *cries* and believe me when I say I feel the loss of Linux in my everyday computing life.  I’m gradually saving up for a lappy that can run the hog called Adobe and then I will be changing my desktop over to Linux entirely.  I honestly can’t wait.  This idea of accessing Linux for the ‘basic’ computer user is a fantastic way to gently immerse newbies into the Linux pool without overwhelming them.  Sometimes I worry that Google is trying to take over the world…and they are making it very hard to resist!“Users will soon be able to install Linux apps on Chromebooks, Google has confirmed. Google says it is adding support for Linux apps to Chrome OS to ‘equip developers’ with the tools they need.”–OMG!Ubuntu!

Source: It’s Official: Linux Apps Are Coming to Chromebooks – OMG! Ubuntu!


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