Courtesy of OMG Ubuntu! I found out today that Linux applications will be coming to Chromebooks.  This is a pretty big deal and one that is so long overdue: the recognition of Linux in the greater computing world. Those of us who already know and love Linux can go on for an hour about why Linux makes us happy. Seriously, you can google flame wars (people who get in online arguments about whose Linux is better) yes, it’s a thing.  There is some of this attitude seen in Mac owners and it’s absent entirely from Windows owners in general. Most feel, myself included, merely okay with having an operating system that has more glitches than an episode of Max Headroom.  I’m using Windows 10 due to the necessity of using Adobe products *cries* and believe me when I say I feel the loss of Linux in my everyday computing life.  I’m gradually saving up for a lappy that can run the hog called Adobe and then I will be changing my desktop over to Linux entirely.  I honestly can’t wait.  This idea of accessing Linux for the ‘basic’ computer user is a fantastic way to gently immerse newbies into the Linux pool without overwhelming them.  Sometimes I worry that Google is trying to take over the world…and they are making it very hard to resist!“Users will soon be able to install Linux apps on Chromebooks, Google has confirmed. Google says it is adding support for Linux apps to Chrome OS to ‘equip developers’ with the tools they need.”–OMG!Ubuntu!

Source: It’s Official: Linux Apps Are Coming to Chromebooks – OMG! Ubuntu!


For the time being, I have removed the options to subscribe to my blog and also to follow my blog. These options are being abused by people signing up for email accounts. They are then subscribing to posts by email in order to get your real email address.  As soon as you post something new on your blog, your real email address is going to be sent to these “followers” and ”subscribers.” So, it’s like one is deliberately placing themselves on an email collection list for future spam. I’ve gotten probably 20 or so of these notifications from over the last few days. No doubt, my email will be flooded with spam within the next couple of weeks. Super.  The only option I know of at this point is to remove the follow options until either, A. WordPress devises a way to deal with this or B. This is just another spam thing to live with. *sigh*

Fake (2)

UPDATE: has been made aware of the issue and is working hard to remove fake subscribers.  Thanks, WordPress for being on top of this issue.


So, for any real people that want to subscribe, please be patient and hopefully the issue is resolved relatively quickly.

So here lately I’ve been getting all kinds of notifications from my bloggo here that I’ve got oodles of new subscribers..I can’t help but feel a little scammy considering that, thanks to lack of funds for a new lappy, I haven’t been able to do any Linux reviews *sniff*

Thanks to any legit subscribers but if you’re just here for nefarious reasons, you should shuffle off to whatever rock you crawled out from under.  Thanks! Enjoy your subscription!

So, just a heads up (I know, I know, I’m gone forever and now I just waltz back in like nothing’s happened) Firefox Nightly was not working at all with the LastPass extension for quite some time. On this page here at the LastPass blog, there is a beta extension that is supposed to work (or might, hey there’s no guarantees with a beta anything..not even the fish) so I gave it a go last week (on Firefox 58, Nightly) and it didn’t work. I was a very sad (and mad!) panda so I found an alternative extension called Bitwarden, which is a very capable password manager but I was missing the form fill features of LastPass so today I decided to try again.  I grabbed the beta from the included link and was able to successfully install and use it.  So far the only thing that is not functioning for me is editing a new entry. LP asks if I want to save new credentials but upon editing, I was not able to successfully put the new login info into the folder I wished to.  Not a dealbreaker, it’s easy enough to click on the vault and do it from there.  If you are using FF 57, you should be good to go on this as I’m using it on 58.  Enjoy!

I’ve tested quite a few web browsers in my time and had my favorites (Opera 12 and Flock) and my least favorites (like Internet Explorer and Chrome)  These days I’m using Chrome based browsers, such as Citrio, Yandex and Opera (I always come back) but one thing hasn’t changed much. Browsers keep consuming more and more memory to run.  I don’t see how some people manage with their regular PCs. (I have a custom build with 16GB of RAM and it’s still not nearly enough!) One thing that makes a huge difference is the number of extensions one adds to their browser. Each extension runs memory at all times, whether being actively used or not. I have about 4 ”essential” extensions; LastPass, uBlock, WOT and the Great Suspender. I used to also have Lightshot but I discovered they have a desktop version so now I just use that. I really do hate extensions for how much memory they hog. I’d very much prefer to use bookmarklets for most things. LastPass I wouldn’t mess with and WOT (Web of Trust) wouldn’t work well if it wasn’t integrated but it would be nice to just click a button when I wanted to suspend tabs or block ads. I do use several bookmarklets for several every day tasks; for instance, I’m using a bookmarklet to open a window and write an entry for one of my blogs…this blog entry in fact. I have one bookmarklet for each of my two WordPress blogs. I also have a StartMe bookmarklet; at the click of a button, I can add whatever page I’m on to my StartMe (bookmarking) account which is then viewable on all my browsers. I dug around for a bookmarklet for that I remembered from when it first came out. I found one that was written for Apple Safari but it works great and I don’t have to waste any resources on it while I’m not using it. I wish the trend would swing back toward bookmarklets and away from extensions.

I’ve been happily using for some time now, ever since my beloved Springpad was so cruelly taken from us *sniff* but I can never get the extension to work properly in Opera (and some other Chrome based web browsers) In Opera, I discovered the panel version works but the toolbar extension doesn’t (wat?) but I find it irritating to have to open a panel for one item. So instead, I found a bookmarklet script (written for Apple products originally) that works just fine for adding a bookmark to Raindrop.

Here is the script. To use copy and paste it into a new bookmark on the bookmark bar in the url box. Call it whatever you like; Raindrop or add to Raindrop works for me. Then as you are browsing and come across something you wish to save and click on your new bookmarklet. You may have to log in if you weren’t already.

Feature-rich, attractive and easy-to-use bookmarking app


I reinstalled Opera lately because I was looking for a Chrome alternative. I loved Firefox (still do, and keep an alternative of it around also, called Light web browser) but I find that Chrome has better extensions for the most part and they always work better than their FF counterparts (sorry but they do, and I really am sorry)  However, Opera has its own repository for extensions and a couple of the ones I rely on weren’t there. For instance, The Great Suspender is one of my must haves. Downloading this Opera extension, aptly (if not inventively) named Download Chrome Extension. This allows chrome store extensions to be installed (with a warning dialogue about extensions from an unknown source)

No worries about the warning dialogue. Download whatever you couldn’t find in Opera. It has a reasonable margin for error. For instance, is another of my must have apps (it keeps all my artwork related links for my graphic design job) and the chrome store version just doesn’t work correctly. To be fair though, it’s kind of wonky in the actual Opera extension as well. I also used Download Chrome Extension to grab Lightshot, a lightweight screenshot extension that is on my must have list also. Works just fine. Back when I was using Evernote (ha!) the chrome extension worked just fine as well. So enjoy!

Install extensions from Chrome Web Store.

Source: Download Chrome Extension extension – Opera add-ons