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Adobe has decided to increase their prices. Is anyone surprised that this is the direction Adobe is deciding to take? Surely we knew this was coming, as soon as Creative Cloud was announced as the replacement for Creative Suite. Smaller, less well known products decided then that it would be a good idea to step up their own development, and now, thanks to ”the little guy” we have viable alternatives.  Adobe is well deserving of the title, Douche of the Day for this edition. Adobe has failed, repeatedly, to listen to its users and will suffer losses accordingly.  Back when Creative Suite was still available, it cost around $600. (I can’t remember the exact price it used to be, forgive me but this number will have to suffice–please comment the correct amount if you know it).  Yes, that’s really a lot at one time, which is why a subscription model came about. In theory, one could pay a little at a time and thus more people would be able to purchase the product.  A great idea to benefit both userbase and profit margin.  However, that one time $600 payment has been replaced by $600 A YEAR. If you had CS for 10 years, you paid $600 for it one time and used it for say, 10 years. Now Creative Cloud will cost ~$636 if paid monthly/~$600 if prepaid yearly. So if you have Creative Cloud for 10 years, at the VERY least you have paid $6,000.  I don’t think enough people add that up because literally everyone who isn’t rich would be looking for alternatives.  And most customers are going to be using these programs for years.  Adobe has made a very serious error in judgment in scalping their customers so inexcusably.  I myself will be offering my money to alternative sources, most likely Affinity but we’ll see. There are a lot more alternatives out there than there used to be, especially for us ”little guy” designers.  Remember what happened to the cable companies? When being a greedy corporation, one must remember not to shoot oneself in the foot in the process.  Congratulations Adobe for winning the Douche of the Day award.


Someone needs to come up with a viable alternative to Adobe’s Flash Player, especially for Linux…Flash Player is soooooo buggy in Linux, it makes me want to shoot people in the face.  Repeatedly.  I have had nothing but problems with Flash Player ever since I have first used Linux.  I am hoping something else turns out to be the problem, like a graphics card or something.  I seriously hate Adobe Flash Player.  Hate..Strong word, entirely applicable!!!!!!

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I would just like to give props to whoever created the Alien package for Debian based Linux distros.  I have tried and failed many more times than I care to count at installing a package from the tarball.  Now all I have to do is download whatever I want and I can convert it to a .deb file with just a line on the terminal.  Thank you a million times over..may your fields be fertile and your dog never pee on the bed!

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Wow.  Today I have set some kind of record surely.  I got online this morning at 9:30 in the morning.  It is now 12:45 am.  Yes, I am surely insane.  Why do I put myself through the torture?  I am trying to get everything situated just how I want it on my website and for those of you with them, now you are starting to understand.  Then I decide I want some content on my website for cellphones.  So I try to make some more themes (I have made quite a few so far) but of course, this stupid issue with Flashplayer is keeping me from achieving that goal.  So I said to self, “Fine!” and I set out to learn how the damn theme files are made so I could make my own.  Turns out, it’s pretty simple (for a geek anyway) but kind of time consuming; at least until I become more practiced at it.
So, the end result is that I have a few themes set up on my website available for download for anyone who wants one but geez, make a donation in return…it took me all freakin day!!!!

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I made another new website, with a domain of my very own!!
I still have the angelfire page up but now I can say I have my own website, truly!
Check it out!!!!
The New Linux User

I am pleased as can be to announce the launch of my very first ever website!  I really suck at website design so this took way too long to do and now I need a rest before I get back to the content lol..

Regardless, here it is…I hope it serves its purpose!  Suggestions welcome!

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