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Someone needs to come up with a viable alternative to Adobe’s Flash Player, especially for Linux…Flash Player is soooooo buggy in Linux, it makes me want to shoot people in the face.  Repeatedly.  I have had nothing but problems with Flash Player ever since I have first used Linux.  I am hoping something else turns out to be the problem, like a graphics card or something.  I seriously hate Adobe Flash Player.  Hate..Strong word, entirely applicable!!!!!!

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I would just like to give props to whoever created the Alien package for Debian based Linux distros.  I have tried and failed many more times than I care to count at installing a package from the tarball.  Now all I have to do is download whatever I want and I can convert it to a .deb file with just a line on the terminal.  Thank you a million times over..may your fields be fertile and your dog never pee on the bed!

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Wow.  Today I have set some kind of record surely.  I got online this morning at 9:30 in the morning.  It is now 12:45 am.  Yes, I am surely insane.  Why do I put myself through the torture?  I am trying to get everything situated just how I want it on my website and for those of you with them, now you are starting to understand.  Then I decide I want some content on my website for cellphones.  So I try to make some more themes (I have made quite a few so far) but of course, this stupid issue with Flashplayer is keeping me from achieving that goal.  So I said to self, “Fine!” and I set out to learn how the damn theme files are made so I could make my own.  Turns out, it’s pretty simple (for a geek anyway) but kind of time consuming; at least until I become more practiced at it.
So, the end result is that I have a few themes set up on my website available for download for anyone who wants one but geez, make a donation in return…it took me all freakin day!!!!

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I made another new website, with a domain of my very own!!
I still have the angelfire page up but now I can say I have my own website, truly!
Check it out!!!!
The New Linux User

I am pleased as can be to announce the launch of my very first ever website!  I really suck at website design so this took way too long to do and now I need a rest before I get back to the content lol..

Regardless, here it is…I hope it serves its purpose!  Suggestions welcome!

Linux Help For Beginners by Pariah