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Usually I review new distros of Linux or web browsers.  Today I am going to do a different kind of review..that of an application in Linux that I have just discovered.  Okay to be fair, I have known about it for some time, but i couldn’t figure out how to use it and I never bothered to spend the time to learn.  But finally, when all the other milion things I have to do were either done or in the process thereof, I turned my attention to finding out what Gnome-Do is all about.

Aside from the unimaginative, yet apt, name, Gnome-Do appears as this totally non-descript little purple icon with a gear in it, signifying that it does in fact, do something.  So, let’s look at what that is.

Gnome Do is, according to the Wiki on the subject, an “intelligent launcher that makes performing tasks on your computer simple and efficient.”  Uh-huh..I had read that before but I couldn’t quite get it to work for me.

Here’s where the Wiki gets a little Star Trek on me.

” Do not only allows you to search for items in your desktop environment (e.g. applications, contacts, bookmarks, files, music), it also allows you to specify actions to perform on search results (e.g. run, open, email, chat, play). Want to send an email to mom? Simply type “email mom.” Want to listen to some music? Simply type “play beatles.” Do provides instantaneous, action-oriented desktop search results that adapt to reflect your habits and preferences. For example, if you use Firefox web browser often, typing “f” in Do will launch it. Or, if you visit The New York Times webpage often, Do will open it if you simply type “nyt.” Unlike other search tools that present search results as flat, homogeneous lists, Do provides familiar graphical depictions of search results that assure you that your intent is being realized correctly; searching for “mom” will show a picture of mom, and searching for “beatles” will show a Beatles album cover.”

Uh-huh..okay let’s give it a go.  My biggest test right now may sound a bit silly to anyone else but if you have to do something repeatedly in the most annoying of ways, you will understand my triumph here.  I wanted to be able to open my “passwords from websites” page with one click..couldn’t really do that because I had to open the home folder then go to it.  For some reason it would never bookmark in Nautilus.  *sigh* I open Gnome-Do by clicking on it (<–entirely unnecessary as I later find out) and type the first letter of this file, which is an A.  I type that and this file is the very first result in the!! talk about intuitive!!  Then I realized I could set a shortcut of my own to open Gnome-Do, so I chose the ‘grave symbol’ that I use for absolutely now I hit one button and the letter A and enter to get to my password page..and I consider that to be damn near one of the best triumphs I have had in my Linux journey lol.

The plugins that are available make the Gnome Do experience even more can-do.  I can play my songs with Rhythmbox, control Pidgin, Firefox, Epiphany, run Opera and Flock, email and IM..seriously, that was a geekasm I just had…….

I love this app!!!! Thank you David Siegal and the Gnome Do Core Team!  This app rawks!

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