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For any newb that has just gotten FeedBurner..I will be doing a review on it later..but first..

I read a post or two (that was never resolved) about how a couple of users were using the headline animator (an awesome feature) to create feed widgets.  The problem was that while trying to get the code, the next button wasn’ t working, thus not directing the user to the page where the code can be gotten…

If you are having this problem..I found a fix/workaround whatever..

Yes, it’s irritating..but it works..on the page/tab called Publicize, click on the size animator you were working on…when it shows up..look at the part that says add to…and then there is a dropdown personal choice is always “just gimme the code”…….look up to the page url..

It will look something like this: numbers here

Still with me?  Easier than I write it I swear!

Cursor over to the spot right after the “r” in animator and right before the “?”…Then insert  “/install”

Then hit enter and it will take you to the page where you can get the code and the darn button works!

There may be an easier way but I’m proud to have figured this out on my own so there *sticks out tongue childishly*

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