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Oops.  It would seem that I forgot a key piece of information between the two prior posts.  Lol, okay a bit late and I’m sure it’s obvious by now but I installed Mandriva Linux One to my hard drive, replacing Linux Mint as my distro of choice.

That is pretty huge.  I used Linux Mint for nearly 10 months, which can be quite some time in a distro hopping Linux world.  The two main reasons (and I just found a third) that I switched are:  Linux Mint wireless is an ongoing pain in the rump kind of issue.  Not to say Mandriva doesn’t have its own ongoing thing..all distros do, but that was something I needed to work out of the box and it didn’t.  As well, no matter how much I begged, pleaded, screamed or ranted, Linux Mint would not recognize the USB connection from my Nokia phone or even acknowledge its existence.  A minor inconvenience for some, or not even relevant for others but for me, taking out the memory card (which requires removing the case and back cover, which in itself is a trial) then putting it in a card reader, transferring files and then finally putting the memory card back in the phone and reassembling the phone (whew!) was SO tiresome!!  And it was something I had to do at least once a day..not to mention, I had to reset the things that my phone ran off the memory card…so yes, deal-breaker for me.  The third thing that I just discovered about 10 minutes ago, is that the printer I have, just works.  It didn’t on Mint.  It took 2 hours of tweak, read, try, rant, and tweak some more before I ever got it to partially work.  Now I can use the HP Tools that were denied me on Mint.  So, while I love Linux Mint, I had to switch to something that works a tad better for me…so now I am falling for Mandriva.  Hopefully it keeps my affections lol.